In our supportive, inspiring, and ambitious community, our students achieve outstanding academic success.

With learning tailored to their passions and ambitions, our students are engaged, motivated, and in control of their education. This ensures they go on to achieve fantastic results.

In 2023, our graduating class achieved a 100% pass rate in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Our average points score of 34 was three points higher than the global average, while our commitment to multilingualism also shone through, with 56% of our students gaining a Bilingual Diploma. All of our Advanced Studies Diploma Programme learners passed with flying colours, too.

Our young people’s success is founded on trust and mutual respect in the classroom. In small class sizes, strong teacher-student relationships and high levels of support and attention accelerate progress.

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“In 2023, our IBDP students’ collective points score was significantly higher than the global average.”

Crucially, every student’s education is unique to them. Our personalised approach offers choice, nurtures strengths, and instils a lifelong love of learning.

Extraordinary experiences – both in and outside of the classroom – not only enrich their studies, but also develop the breadth of skills and strength of character our young people need to flourish.


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