“I was really nervous when I started as a boarder. But after just a couple of days, I already felt at home. Now it’s like having a second family!”

Maria, Grade 8 Student

Our boarding houses offer the comfort, security, and sense of community our students need to thrive.

Our boarders tell us they love living at Beau Soleil. Each of our six houses is comfortable and homely, with a genuine family feel.

They’re warm and welcoming environments where students can relax, study, and spend quality time with friends. All our boarders share either twin or triple bedrooms, which come with their own ensuite or private bathroom.

Sharing with roommates of the same age, typically from different countries, opens our boarders’ eyes to different languages, cultures, and perspectives. It’s also a fantastic way to build lasting friendships.

Discover Our Houses

Each of our six houses has its own unique character, which cultivates a strong sense of identity and belonging among our students.