Innovation flourishes in The Hub, our dedicated design technology, computer science, and filmmaking centre.

The Hub is a hive of creativity and innovation, where learners push the boundaries, develop their digital skills, and immerse themselves in 21st century learning experiences.

Guided by computer science experts, our students learn to code and engineer robots, developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our dedicated filmmaking suite – which features green screen technology, sound and lighting equipment, and the latest production software – is a cutting-edge space where creativity and imagination run wild.

The Hub is also home to the latest graphic design programmes and print technology. Our students can get hands-on using our state-of-the-art product design equipment, too. This includes the freedom to work with a range of materials and mediums, including wood, metal, and plastic.


“The possibilities are endless in The Hub, as our students unlock the power of interactive technology and top-of-the-range design equipment.”